Valentino: a play in verse

by David Wisehart



VALENTINO                          Duke of Romagna, 26.

NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI     Florentine diplomat, 32.

LEONARDO DA VINCI         Military engineer, 50.

LUCREZIA BORGIA             Valentino’s sister, 22.

POPE ALEXANDER VI        Valentino’s father, 72.

MICHELOTTO                      Valentino’s lieutenant, 40s.

VITELLOZZO VITELLI          Lord of Castello, 30s.

RAMIRO DE LORQUA         Governor of Romagna, 50s.

CARDINAL ORSINI              Archbishop of Taranto, 60s.

FRANCESCO ORSINI          Duke of Gravina, 20s.

PAOLO ORSINI                    Lord of Palombara, 50s.



Italy, 1502.

A unit set representing various Italian Renaissance courts.  A throne, a side table, chairs, etc.  Act Two, Scene 1 calls for a bed.  This may be reduced to a divan, or something equally suited to the action.


Act One

Scene 1    Palace of
Urbino.  (June, 1502.)
Scene 2    Palace of
Urbino.  (Days later.)
Scene 3   
Orsini Palace, in Magione.  (September.)
Scene 4   
Leonardo’s Workshop, in Imola.  (Same day.)
Scene 5    Palace of
Ferrara.  (Days later.)
Scene 6    Palace of
Imola.  (Next day.)

Act Two

Scene 1    Palace of
Ferrara.  (Next day.)
Scene 2    Palace of
Imola.  (Next day.)
Scene 3    Palace of
Imola.  (November.)
Scene 4    Papagallo Hall, the
Vatican.  (Days later.)
Scene 5    Palace of
Urbino.  (Days later.)
Scene 6    Palace of
Cesena.  (Christmas Eve.)
Scene 7    Palace of
Cesena.  (Christmas Day.)
Scene 8    Palace of
Senigallia and Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome.  (New Year’s Eve.)


The play is written in ottava rima, a verse form popular during the Italian Renaissance.